What principles to follow when storing household items

1. Clearly define “passive” and “active” storage areas in the home after moving with best packers and movers.
Do this by observing for one weekend day at home, in which parts of the room you most often go to get things, where you like to rest and work, and where you don’t even look. Now ask yourself – are these convenient areas? Organize your storage so that you can access things as freely as possible. For example, keep a box with chargers and wires near your computer, and a closet with clothes closer to the window so that there is a source of natural light nearby.

2. Open storage areas should always be cozy.
Whether it’s a bookcase, a shelf with dishes or clothes hooks. Anything that’s in plain sight creates the “face” of the home. Replace ugly items with stylish ones with a nice matching design. These little things will cheer you up every day!

3. Quickly find what you really need.
This is one of the most important principles! To do this, determine the logic of storage that is convenient for you. For example, you can arrange books by color. Clothes, too, can be distributed by color or by type (holiday, casual, sports, etc.).

4. The most popular items are always “at hand”.
This principle follows from the previous one. To do this, put on the most convenient and close shelves those things that you use most often.

5. Need systematization according to the purpose of things.
For example, in the hallway, you can install a special basket or box (or wall organizer), which will immediately be necessary before going out – payments, car keys, umbrella, sponge for shoes. And in the kitchen cleaning products should be stored next to brushes and sponges for washing dishes – for example, you can install a basket under the sink.

6. You also need to organize things by season.
We live in a climate where there are two weather periods – winter (we need winter clothes and shoes, skis, snowboards) and summer (we need summer clothes and shoes, bikes, scooters, tents and camping equipment). In winter, summer things only take up space (as well as vice versa), so you can safely turn them in to a storage service.

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