Moving is a troublesome event that takes a lot of time. With a change of address, a number of problems arise, in the course of solving which the important nuances of moving are simply forgotten.

So, what should be kept in mind when organizing an office move?

We choose a date. It is best to organize the move on weekends or after hours. Having planned the event for Saturday and Sunday, on Monday the entire team will be able to start their duties at new workplaces.

Decide on the packaging. As a rule, moving companies offer to pack all items when moving. However, some customers prefer to carry out the sorting step themselves. In this case, ensure that sufficient packaging material is available. You should buy cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, wide tape, and a marker for labeling.

What about large household appliances? If it is necessary to transport large household appliances, it is simply impossible to do without the services of movers at the crossing. Special devices will help workers quickly load overall devices, and also quickly place them in a new place.

We are preparing the equipment. In anticipation of the move, all office equipment must be de-energized and, if necessary, disconnected from the computer network.
We pay attention to values. All items of special value to you, including important documents, must be transported by yourself. It’s not even that you can lose something when moving (this does not happen with experienced movers!). Just in the confusion it is easy to forget which of the boxes contains, for example, a seal or a facsimile of the director.

Seek help from professionals. A person who has not previously encountered the packaging and transportation of goods does not even know about the number of pitfalls. In order for everything to pass, as they say “without a hitch”, it is better to order the office relocation from specialists. In this case, all the hardships associated with disassembling / assembling furniture, demolishing boxes and lifting them to the floor, taking out garbage and much more simply will not affect you, and there will be enough time to solve more important issues related to the detail of the company.

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