Pack Like a Pro: Move Your Stuff Without Breaking It (or a Sweat)

Packing for a move with doesn’t have to be a puzzle that makes you want to pull your hair out. Here’s the down-low on wrapping up your stuff tight so it gets to your new pad in one piece.

Wrap and Roll
Got breakables? Wrap ’em up like they’re going on a trip to the moon. Newspapers, bubble wrap, or even your t-shirts can cushion your dishes and knick-knacks.

Box It Right
Don’t just throw your stuff in boxes like last-minute holiday shopping. Heavy items go on the bottom, lighter stuff on top. Keep it balanced so your boxes don’t tip over.

Tape It Tight
Use packing tape like it’s going out of style. Tape the bottom, the top, and give it an extra strip for good measure. No one likes a box-bottom blowout.

Label Like You Mean It
Grab a marker and get to labeling. Be clear—‘Kitchen’ or ‘Bob’s Sci-Fi Novels’. You’ll thank yourself when you’re not guessing which box has the coffee pot the next morning.

Keep Clothes on Hangers
Why fold clothes you’re just going to hang up again? Keep them on the hangers, bag ’em up, and they’re ready to go from closet to closet.

Essentials Box
Pack a box like you’re going on a weekend trip. The stuff you need for a couple of days—clothes, meds, phone charger. Keep it with you so you’re not digging through boxes when you’re looking for your toothbrush.

Heavy Stuff in Small Boxes
Books are small but man, do they weigh a ton. Stick ’em in a small box so you don’t break your back or the box.

Seal Liquids
The last thing you want is shampoo splurged all over your stuff. Tighten lids and bag them up. Better safe than soapy.

Take Pics of Electronics Setups
Before you unplug your TV and computer, snap a pic of the cords. It’ll be a lot easier to set up when you know what plugs in where.

Special Care for Special Items
Got a guitar or a family heirloom? Treat it like a VIP. If it’s super valuable—either in bucks or sentiment—keep it close or pack it extra carefully.

And that’s the rundown. You’ve got your tips, so crank up the tunes, and start packing. Take it one step at a time, and you’ll be unpacking in your new place before you know it. Happy moving!

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